Cash Converters

Cash Converters

Haggle a better deal

This case study has not been asked for by the subject and is an unofficial exercise in Storytale's process.

Part of the Fantasy Case Studies exercise was to take "Dying" Brands and revitalise them and from the outside it looked like Cash Converters was a prime example. Even before COVID-19 creating lockdown, the emergence of Depop, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace changing the second hand landscape and the perception of pawn shops. Shockingly as of March 2021, Cash Converters is doing just fine, in large part due to their personal lending portion of the company that has been developing since 1999 with their Cash Advance PayDay Loan.

To continue with the Case Study we have to choose a path, do we want to follow the money and capitalise on the personal loan game or stick to our original trajectory and revitalise the portion of Cash Converters that is more well known for, the second hand retail.

The golden rule in these decisions for Storytale is "Where is the story?" and for this we look at two stories that occur for Josh.

I'm not an avid buyer across Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree, but my partner is. We've purchased outdoor furniture, sold office furniture, gotten trinkets and treasures and each time, I've been the prominent face to the transactions, in either case. Not because I'm a particularly pretty face but because neither my partner or I knew who the buyers or sellers were and we were exchanging addresses and didn't feel particular safe being alone or being the primary person. More than one occasion we've driven off from a location instead of the finishing the transaction purely because we didn't get a good feeling.

This brought us to the story for Cash Converters and the direction to take:

  • Increase buyer confidence
  • Create a safe location for transactions to be completed

So we would disregard the personal lending side of Cash Converters and focus on second hand retail, bring it forward into modernity and become a direct competitor to the likes of Depop, while playing to the existing strengths Cash Converters has and improving some of the parts of the business that could make that side of the company more attractive than personal lending.

In order to do this we're going to need to take some big swings and take a departure from the Cash Converters original brand. Allow us to introduce you to the new peer to peer second marketplace, HAGL.

HAGL Logo HAGL Fonts HAGL Color Scheme

HAGL is the pointed departure from the Cash Converters brand and its 90's pawn shop aesthetic into the trendy space that is only really occupied by Depop. Cash is less prevalent in Australia, and while Cash Converters as a brand has been around for nearly 40 years, detaching HAGL for a fresher brand away from the former brand will invigorate the customer base. With this brand we increase from just instruments, electronics and jewellery and allows individuals to make more possible.


HAGL Color Scheme

We took out the maroon and yellow colours and make HAGL black and white, to draw attention to the HAGLers and their items for sale.

HAGL Posters

HAGL operates in the digital and physical spheres through two ways: the HAGL app and the HAGL post.


The HAGL app faciliates peer to peer communication and individual storefronts for HAGLers and Buyers. As a HAGLer, you can post your items of the app and connect with avid buyers to convert your items into funds. Buyers can follow their favourite HAGLers and make purchases through contactless payment. By having the core area of business to the app, it creates a ecosystem of haggling at any time of the day and not just when the stores are open.

HAGL Post Concept

The HAGL Post is the physical store comes to play. Harkening back to the Trading Posts of old, this is where buyers and HAGLers can drop off and pick up their items from the HAGL boxes. Once a HAGL has been confirmed, the HAGLer drops the item into their preferred HAGL Post where one of the staff then confirms the item is what is being sold and then transports the item into the appropriate HAGL boxes. By transforming the stores into trading posts that only have stocks when sales have occurred, this would decrease the depreciating/lost stock that Cash Converters accumulates year on year. The consumer then has piece of mind when collecting from the HAGL post in their own safety, with check in facilities and lock boxes for their items.

The HAGL Posts can be placed in more diverse community centres that can we closer to transport hubs and food hubs, due to the quick and transient mode that HAGL allows.

Cash Converters is thriving as a company, due in large part to their personal lending segment. Resurrecting a "dying" business was short sighted on our part so we needed to pivot to a new story around the second hand marketplace. A story that can increase buyer confidence and safety for transactions that connects with the current second hand marketplace around physical and digital stores. That's what HAGL seeks to accomplish.