Meaningful stories, your way

Tell the story, build the world.

When we tell a story we need to keep it's rhythm and flow. We need a toolkit that assists that.

When we build a world, we want the world's elements to weave together a rich tapestry and strengthen it. We need a way to keep track of such a world.

This is what we are making Fables for.

This storytale creation and managment tool will have you focus on telling the story and building the world.

Fables is for anyone who wants to tell stories, be it a story for a novel or for a tabletop rpg.

The first step to Fables is in creating random character names. You can be as random or specify race (as in fantasy race), culture and gender (masculine, feminine or genderless/non-binary).

Our first version of Fables can be found here.

The current version of Fables is great for use at the table for dnd, for novels or for random names to use in design mockups (We've used it in our HAGL designs)

We are continuously working on building out Fables two pillars to give you to the tools to tell the story and build the world so you continue create meaningful stories.